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About Us

The Minikin Entertainment was founded in 2023 by four determined friends who live the lives of ordinary people during the day, but transform into game developers at night, hunting for bugs and skillfully pounding the keyboard.

We dived into game development with genuine enthusiasm to discover how little we actually know about this profession. We are a team that uses the phrase “we’ll figure it out later” instead of the word “impossible.” It can be said that there is big money in game development, or so we’ve been told. Although we haven’t been able to confirm or deny this yet.


In this new endless-runner mobile game, you take on the role of a trash bin,
embarking on a mission to collect as much trash as possible while deftly avoiding various obstacles.

If you need a break from collecting trash, don’t worry!
You can take a moment to rest while you sort your trash.
It’s a great way to catch your breath and get ready for the next challenge.

Waste Runner is easy to pick up and play,
but challenging enough to keep you engaged for hours on end.

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